Some small video mp4 clips (about 800 x 450 or so), I want to enlarge them to 720p (1280 x 720). To do this I use 'Avidemux', (2.6.12 version)
set as follows:
1. video output to mpeg4 avc(x264)
2. audio to copy
3. output format to mp4v2 muxer
4. on the toolbar select auto 720p, then OK
then hit the 'file - save', (don't know why the output format changes to 'avi muxer', but I change it back to mp4v2 muxer)
then save the file, the final file is nice.
While the program is still open, I close the file and want to repeat with another clip, set everything as above,, when I hit the toolbat to 'auto', the program crashes.
I open it again and do the same all over with the other clip and it works.
Again with another clip - the program crashes. So each time I want to enlarge a clip. have to restart the program.
Answers will be appreciated.