I recently installed Windows 10 Pro N. I installed also KB3099229_x64.msu so my Windows Media Player, Camtasia and other programs could work. They DID work, I worked in them. Yesterday I installed Dreamweaver and it looked suspicious, Google Chrome stopped working, then I restarted today and it started working again, and reads my files created in Dreamweaver. I created lots of restore points prior to today and yesterday, like from July 30. But today my programs depending on the Media Pack stopped working. I restart and see the message from Plays TV (from Raptr) that recording is disabled, also Camtasia doesn't open and avi doesn't play. I try to install the media pack - it writes it's already installed. I try to restore my system to a previous restore points - all points disappeared except for today's windows update. I returned to that point but it didn't help me solve the problems with the Media Feature Pack programs. What can I do?