Hi everybody!

Yeah, so it may have taken me a long time, but I used the Windows 10 calendar app for the first time tonight.

I created a "test event" starting in ~10 minutes from now. I get the calendar notification sound and a pop-up in the lower-left corner of my desktop screen. The pop-up includes the options to "Snooze" or "Dismiss."

My problem is that the pop-up blocks me from seeing the clock or using the calendar in the lower-left corner. I must first deal with the pop-up BEFORE accessing the information I want to see to make a decision ABOUT the pop-up. If I grab the pop-up, I can only move it aside...which basically dismisses it. I can not move it vertically so that I can gain access to the clock/calendar that resides in the auto-hide taskbar.

Why does an alarm about the time block you from seeing the time?

Please help! Thank you!