Here's the typical, "sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong forum," part. I wasn't sure if it should go here or general, so please move it, if appropriate.

Anyone that has typed on iOS knows that if you a bunch of words typed and hold the backspace key, it initally deletes 1 character at a time, then as it is continued to be held, it continues deleting 1 character at a time, but it deletes more quickly. Ultimately, while still holding the backspace key, it starts to delete whole words, then more quickly until it starts deleting full sentences. I love the way that works.

My question is if there is any type of a software or tweak for Windows 10 that could mimic that. I know that if you hold ctrl+backspace in Windows, if will delete words at a time, but I really like the way iOS kind of escalates up through the backspaces.

Any ideas?

Thanks, All!