Hello, everyone, I am using the most current preview build of Windows 10. (Loving the Fast Ring.)

I have a question about clearing the Recent Files section of Quick Access, in File Explorer.

I know how to clear and reset the Recent Files list in Quick Access. I right-click on Quick Access, choose Options. In General, I choose Options, and deselect "Show recently used files in Quick Access." Then, I select it again to enable it and start fresh.

I was wondering if there is a way I can write a batch file, macro, or something like that, to automate this process, rather than using all these mouse clicks. Or, does something like that already exist? A freeware app or something, that I haven't found yet as of this writing?

It's not a big deal at all if I can't, or if there isn't such a freeware, but I'm just curious. Thank you! Jd