Windows 10: Windows Store error 0x80070005 when using a different location to C: Solved

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    Windows 10 Pro v1607 Build 14393
       27 Jul 2016 #21

    @ Scottyboy99 - Yeah, resolved by basically just not installing the Insider Preview build of Windows!!!

    My only concern is whether this issue will persist into the final release version of v1607 of Windows but as long as I have a backup then at least I know I can return to a working version of Windows free of the issue. Might just set the Defer Upgrades option though and wait for feedback from more people before upgrading again.
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    Windows 10 Pro v1607 Build 14393
       30 Jul 2016 #22

    I've just installed v1607 Build 14393.5 from a mounted ISO of En-GB_Windows_10_Pro_14393_x64_DVD.iso and post-install I am *STILL* getting error 0x80070005 whenever the Store tries to update any of its apps and games on my H: drive (and any other drive except C: for that matter) or if I try to move anything from C: to H: or any other drive (yet I can move from H: to C.

    This issue is absolutely infuriating me and does not happen on v1511 Build 10586.494. Looks like I'm going to have to restore the previous build AGAIN then set the Defer Upgrades option and pray that Windows does not install this build come 2nd August.

    Can someone running this build please do me a huge favour and change your Storage location to another drive then try installing or moving a Windows Store app or game to that drive? Does it work OK for you or does it fail with error 0x80070005?

    Note: that most of my Store games and apps on H: were installed some time ago, some when I had the release version of Windows 10 but until I installed v1607 of Windows they have never failed to install or update to my H: drive.
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    Windows 10 Pro v1607 Build 14393
       08 Aug 2016 #23


    I restored my Windows v1511 backup, for what must be the fourth or fifth time, and confirmed that I had no issues installing/moving/updating apps from the Store to any drive (I didn't) then proceeded to update to the official Anniversary update (v1607 Build 14393.10) via the usual Windows Update.

    Well the update when smoothly, as it has before in the Insider Preview, but the issue still remains. The upgrade from v1511 to v1607 actually corrupts or breaks some of the permissions such that anything located on any other drive than C: will only run and moved to C: but cannot be updated or anything new installed there. I have reported this issue to Microsoft via the Feedback tool but I noticed that I am not alone in experiencing this issue and that at least half a dozen other people had also reported the very same problem.

    Looks like I am going to have to just put up with for now and hope that the larger games such as Quantum Break are not updated as it will fail and I have insufficient space to move games of that size back onto my C: drive to update (plus I will be unable to move it back once updated).

    A very frustrating issue that is specific to the Store. I can install and update Steam, Origin and UPlay games which are installed across the same three hard drives just fine. At this point, I'm almost convinced that this is a v1607 bug.
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  4.    23 Aug 2016 #24

    I had this issue, what fixed it for me was to disable compression on my secondary drive. Everything worked after that, installing from store to drive and moving existing app from c:. Might not need to do the entire drive, maybe just the WindowsApps folder on the second drive.
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  5.    23 Aug 2016 #25

    Hopefully this helps the OP. It's yet another lame bug that MS seems to be ignoring. With SSDs being generally quite small due to costs and the OS residing in it, it's logical secondary larger drives would be levitated to for Windows apps. Will be interesting to hear from the OP on whether this helps. Personally it's only driven me further away from using MS store for anything other than basic apps. Will keep all my gaming to trusted platforms like steam
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    Windows 10 Pro v1607 Build 14393
       23 Aug 2016 #26

    @ biggs - I was sceptical that this would even work but, yup, turning off compression for the WindowsApps folder on H: and hitting Apply does indeed fix this issue and I've been able to successfully move Age of Empires: Castle Siege from C: to H:!!! I can't believe it was something as dumb as that. Honestly I cannot thank you enough.

    The irony is that I went and replaced my 256 GB Crucial m4 SSD over the weekend with a 1 TB Samsung 850 EVO specifically so that if I had to update any games on H: (which would fail with error 0x80070005) then at least I would have the option of moving them to C: and updating them there, something I could not do before due to a lack of space.

    Oh well, I now have a much faster boot drive and can install some games to an SSD now; DDOM for example massively benefits from being on an SSD with my loading times cut down from 3-5 minutes (yeah, really!) to under a minute!

    Thanks again. I will make sure to update my thread with the solution as well for anyone else who has the same issue. And you're right it IS another dumb Microsoft bug, one that really should not happen since file compression has been around since Windows XP I believe. Clearly, Microsoft never bothered to test this with it enabled!
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  7.    23 Aug 2016 #27

    That's great, I'm glad that worked for you. You'd be surprised how often compression messes with applications. It's now my number 2 check after permissions for any weird I/O errors.
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  8.    27 Aug 2016 #28

    biggs said: View Post
    That's great, I'm glad that worked for you. You'd be surprised how often compression messes with applications. It's now my number 2 check after permissions for any weird I/O errors.
    I have read this entire post with interest, I have learned several things. Compression which i do not use ( why would you ? ) and the nvidia drivers messing with things. I am about to update my drivers to see if this fixes the frustrating Store error 0x80070005. Its so odd for me as i have not moved any of the apps nor install them elsewhere. Worse is that i have 22 outstanding updates that sometimes install fine and report 'completed' then next reboot are again pending ? They then fail with the above error. I too installed Anniversary edition and had to roll it back for exactly the same reasons as the OP. Securities and permissions issues that broke everything. Missing quick links progs like Edge opening and closing immediately. Too much to list so i had to roll back. Ever since nothing is quite right. I did however have a failed raid drive (ddrive) that i installed many progs onto, these are all lost and awaiting reinstallation, however i may be able to repair the failed drive that took out the raid so i have to wait. Just to say thank you for such a detailed and intelligent breakdown of the same issues i have, you have helped me lots
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  9.    09 Sep 2016 #29

    Having this exact issue as youve described yet even the uncompression didnt even work
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  10.    10 Sep 2016 #30

    TastyLilTreats said: View Post
    Having this exact issue as youve described yet even the uncompression didnt even work
    What did solve this for me was to make a usb stick of the windows update and use it by going to windows key-system-update & security-then restore. When it rebooted it gave me an option to repair all windows settings and not to lose any files or installs . It took 15 minutes and solved my issue.After all of this i realise it is mostly about 'permissions' and that my previous version of windows did pretty much the same thing (windows764bit) it is infuriating.I now have a different problem regarding installing updates but nothing as bad as it was. Keep me informed if this works for you. p.s. I did update to anniversay if you havent it will help.
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