Launching an app such as weather or easy gmail will sometimes bring up the app, freeze on opening and never open and then I can't use the start menu anymore. I have tried running sfc, no problems. I have tried using the powershell to reinstall all apps but it just happens again soon after. This last time I logged out of my account and then back in and it was fixed, but so far the freeze rate is at least 75% of the time and I used to use the weather app all the time and don't want to have to keep logging in and out as it is very disruptive to work flow.

Sometimes when I click on the magnifying glass it will pop up but I can't type to search for things.

This is on a fresh install on a new hybrid hard drive. All I've done is installed a few programs, apps that were already on there and if it matters anti-spyware beacon which I had on before without issue. Windows is fully updated, although yesterday it seemed like update had frozen when trying to download windows defender updates.

Thank you