Hi, all:

Shot in the dark here re: a relatively ancient, legacy software application -- MSGTAG Status.

Is there anyone using it under Win10?
If so, is it necessary or advisable to run it in Compatibility mode, e.g. as a Win7 application?

Although the program is no longer being developed, it works perfectly well under Win7.
I do not get notifications from *all* recipient email clients. But, when I do, I get 3 types of notifications.
Under Win10, I receive ONLY email notifications, not popups or updates to the MSGTAG "grid".

The program is tightly integrated with both my email client (Thunderbird) and my spam-filtering/mail-sorting program (Mailwasher Pro). So it would be a minor PITB to ditch it, although I suspect that its usefulness may be coming to an end.

If anyone happens to use MSGTAG Status, I would appreciate advice about restoring it to full function under Win10.