androsa file protector --old program, yes... but worked flawlessly until
i recently completely uninstalled an unrelated software. now, there's
no getting past the initial message:

"available file of a language has not been found!
this problem can be
caused by the wrong path
where the files are contained. the actual path stored is:

'C:\Program Files\AndrosaFileProtector\'
Do you want to insert another path?"

--don't kno what this program is looking for or where
to look.... path?? files? what to do? --have encrypted files
i cant get to. help. --have uninstalled, re-installed twice.
no different effect. program wants its language file.... cant be contacted; it must hav met
its demise long ago... and i just happened to see a
recent tenForums post re: the same software. perhaps
theForums' Dalchina can provide some guidance on
this unusual snag....
thanks in advance, mS