I have a PC, a Phone and a Tablet all running Windows 10.

I created a single Microsoft Outlook account which I'm using as a logon account for all three devices, and for email across all three devices.

I've used the Verify feature to register all three devices against the one account, and that seems to be OK. Settings, notifications and emails all seem perfectly in sync, but I cannot get the calendars to behave the same on all three devices.

For example, I use Cortana on my phone to create two calendar entries. One meeting, and one reminder. Both show up on the phone OK. On the PC I can only see the meeting. The reminder is not visible and I can't see how to display it. The tablet has the opposite problem. I can only see the reminder, but not the meeting.

The tablet also has an extra drop down option on the left for Search which the PC does not have, and the PC has tick boxes for Holidays and Birthdays which the tablet does not have.

The PC has calendar version 17.6965.40901.0
The tablet has calendar version 17.6568.46361.0

When I try to update it on the PC it says that I have the latest version.

The PC is 64bit the tablet is 32bit.