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Latest Multi Commander Version Released
Multi commander v6.2 (Build 2147)

Release Date: May 8th 2016

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Release Notes:
115+ Changes 	ADDED - Custom Command MC.CloseAllTabs has a new optional parameter: "DONOTASK". This will prevent the confirm dialog for locked tabs
	ADDED - Unpacking Zip files with the wrong password will now ask again for password
	ADDED - MultiScript functions for using the Advanced Filter engine from script
	CHANGE- Major rewrite of how Copy/Move file operations are initialized
	CHANGE- Drag'n'Drop to same location will show the drop popup menu
	FIXED - Issue with loading favorites that have duplicate names
	FIXED - Unpacking password protected 7Zip from script now works better
	FIXED - Find Files with content search will now stop searching faster if stop command is issued
	FIXED - Find Files with content search could crash in some very rare situations
	FIXED - Holding Ctrl and starting a Drag'n'Drop operation now works better
	FIXED - MultiScript handles arrays better
	FIXED - 4 Rare stability issues
	FIXED - Many internal changes
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