I'm not getting any previous / next arrows in the Photos app when opening a photo within a folder full of photos. The folders have only images in them. The folder optimization is set to "Pictures". Still no arrows in the Photos preview.

These folders are linked to my Google Drive. When I copy the files into a local unlinked folder and double click them I'll get the arrows in the Photos app. Not sure if this is a clue...

I've also tried to uncheck the "Read-Only" box in folder properties but it always rechecks itself after the dialog box is closed. Also maybe a clue...?

I have other image-only folders linked to a different cloud storage software (Synology). These folders also have Read-Only checked. Arrows show up for files within these folders. This makes me think maybe it's a Google Drive issue?

Anyone have a solution to this yet? Seems like an issue many have but haven't found a resolution.