Locking Down PC for Disabled User-Hiding the File Explore in Start Men

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    Ok, here is my point of fuzziness. Explore.exe is apparently not only just the method of launching the file folder window. It also is what most everything else uses to allow the PC to function for that person I believe? Here is what I am getting at, and I have done this........ so I know this is what happens.

    In Folder Guard, one of the things it says NOT to ever do is restrict the explore.exe file as the system will not work. At one point I did restrict it. The result is that the PC would boot up, but never log into any user account, user or admin. Had to revert back to a Restore Point to get the computer to work again.

    With that being the case, I do not understand how adding permissions to the executable would help. Am I missing something?

    There has to be something in the registry that tells the Start Menu to display the File Explorer button. Seems like if I could find out where that rule is located, I could change it to not display. That way it is not restricting anything. Just not displaying it in that location...........
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    btvarner said:
    So, a guest account can be created that would not allow access to file folder? Not sure I understand that.........
    If I remember guest account read/writes/permissions correctly, you can configure the guest account to not be able to install anything, update anything, almost write to nothing. While somebody can browser to their hearts content and use explorer to "look" at some things all they want, they cannot write or install or change anything of any consequence having only a guest-level account.
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    Trying to restrict access to explorer.exe is a pointless endeavor. Explorer.exe is not only the file explorer (which most people know) but also the basis for the entire user interface. So by restricting access to it you practically restrict access to Windows itself. The only thing you can do is restrict access to anything not intended for your son by using a separate account and setting folder/file permissions accordingly.

    In fact that's nothing special. System admins in companies do that for all users, usually nobody has the right to change anything except what resides inside the folders he/ she needs for work. You can even revoke read permission so the user cannot even enter the folders in question. All you need for this are the permissions plus gpedit (only "pro" version). If you only got the "normal" version I recommend you getting the "pro" version because what you are trying to achieve is so much easier with the Group Policy Editor (gpedit).
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    Understand that. The OS is Windows 10 Pro, so it does have Group Policy Editor. I am working through that, and have the major Windows system tools restricted, such as Run, Regedit, Control Panel, Task Bar changes, Command Prompt, All Apps button, etc. But he is inquisitive.............

    That is why I keep going back to one of my original questions. I do not need to restrict access to File Explorer if he does not SEE an option to go to File Explorer. If only I could find a way to remove/hide the File Explorer button from the Start Menu???

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    Even if you would achieve that, what good would it be? Almost any program has a built in interface to file explorer. No file explorer icon? Just use Word to browse the folders, or Excel, or Winzip, Windows Media Player, or... I think you get it. Sorry but the only solution is to set folder and file permissions accordingly.
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