I am developing an application which requires me to mute left/right individually while listening to continuous audio output via headphone/earphone. I have tried the following options in windows 7, 8,8.1,10 laptops,

- Adjusting the balance levels in playback device settings - My playback device is speaker, i tried adjusting the levels by keeping Left channel to zero and listening to right, i can still hear some sound in my left earphone. (try this with some continuous music)

- Disabling all enhancements, updating audio driver, used a TRS earphone instead of TRRS - Still hearing some sound.

- Tried with apps like VLC Player, Volumouse (Nirsoft), Volume2 etc. - None of them work.

-Downgraded my audio driver to older vista version - Reverts back to new one

Is there any means to actually do this or is it a windows restriction which does not allow you to do this.

Any help guys.!