I am trying to add subtitle to a movie (mp4 format), seaching the net found some, each one has to be installed first.
One of my tests is "Videpad video editor", found a subtitle file in Hebrew, .srt format. First I located both movie and subtitle in one folder, both same name, to chk the subtitle I opened the movie in 'MPC-HC' player, started to play - the subtitle runs correctly (synchro) with the movie. Then started the "Videopad", loaded the movie and the subtitle. The subtitle as said above is Hebrew, on the preview the fonts are giberish, the window of text selecting fonts, size etc. is Gray - disabled, dont know why.
Almost the same happens with "HandBrake", there I could select Hebrew and utf-8, but in preview its giberish.
Is someone familiar with the both programs, or recomend a program to do the job.
I tried also virtualdub, but first have to convert the srt file into ssa format.
Well, any answer / help will be appreciated.