Been using Win10 for many, many months running with windows 7 format . This morning On logging in with password, it recognized me by username, BUT it then said "Preparing Windows". The desktop had only about 10 of the 50+ icons. Background image is gone. Start menu has none of the things I originally set up. I had Cortana turned off, but the taskbar says "I'm Cortana, ask me anything" and the task bar icons are gone except for Task View, Edge (which I had replaced with Explorer), and File Explorer.

I'm the only user, but other than welcoming me by name, It almost seems like it started up for a different user like guest.
All apps shows all my programs there, and the desktop Recycle bin has things I deleted last night.

Yikes - before I mess around doing a complete restore to yesterday morning's image backup and losing yesterday's work, can anybody HELP!