Hi there I am in a bit of a pickle, I use Windows 10 for graphic 3D and a lot of the software these days require the call home type arrangement. I went to upgrade a product from their download manager and received this 0x80090330 the sChannel issue. I was halfway thru dealing with the company involved when I recieved a email from Photoshop and even though my subscription is always paid if they can't do their thing to and fro they cut the software off in 6 days. This obviously caught my attention so I opened the CC installer app and get the try again check your internet connection(Oh I am connected) my OneDrive with the internet connection message is the same. I opened another program I know uses same approach and I get 0x00002F7D which appears to be pretty much the same as it tries to connect. Now given that there are 3 different messages yet on the surface all want the same result my PC is starting to sound like my mother so I thought I better come here and ask the experts. Here is the curve ball I have quite a bit of software that use the process and things would be a lot plainer if all gave me the problem but this does not appear to be the case, however just a hunch some might be on a timed system and the authentication might not be due. The image is a screenshot of the software I first had issue with and the most descriptive. Any advice would be much appreciated.

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