Hi Guys & Gals: be careful what you wish for in wanting to update to DirectX 12!

I purchased a brand new $3.5K laptop (MSI GT72 6QD dominator 16GB RAM + 6GB independent GDDR Nvidea GTX970M, Intel CORE i7 CPU 2.6) four weeks ago which came with Win 10 installed - I then downloaded an adventure game “Adr1ft” from Steam and it ran faultlessly - I think Win OS had DIRECTX 11 installed in this version of Win 10? And I am aware Adr1ft recommends minimum of 2.8Ghz speed CPU but I can over-clock it if I want but this isn’t the problem, either (See below).

Then Win 10 Home garbage installed itself in my laptop and the game hasn't worked since. I’ve been through four complete factory reinstalls and trying to prevent Win 10 Home from installing BUT all to no success.

Then Steam and Microsoft whilst both "seemed to be interested” really did nothing whatsoever to fix the problem! I think Steam can be forgiven since they neither made the game nor OS System!

Initially, after running compatibility trouble shooter two missing dll files were identified (namely X3DAudio1_7.dll and XAPOFX1_5.dll, there could possibly be more as yet unidentified), which after locating them and installing in Sys 32 & SysWOW64 folders initially produced just the game video but unfortunately, NO SOUND! Then along came another Win 10 Home update and now nothing whatsoever works with this game!

I finally contacted 505 Games (the game creators) who, while suggesting various things etc., etc., and in being very good with their ongoing communications thus far, have really been unable to correct this extremely annoying problem - since I am the only one reporting this problem: IN THE WORLD???

They then suggested I should run “Can I run This Game” software from System Requirements Lab which I did, however it tried to tell me I only had 3GB dedicated video gram installed (which is absolute BS) and every one of the drivers it identified as being outdated were in every case very much older than the actual installed drivers currently running in my system – “just another ploy to trap unsuspecting users to purchase their driver fix software” – perhaps I am just revealing my cynical side here????

505 Game then suggested I obtain and run CCleaner to correct the “Can I Run this Game” DDR and driver problems reported above – which I also then did – HOWEVER, the very same incorrect System and Driver info was once more regurgitated!

And yes I have confirmed the correct 6GB GDDR actually exists through various means and yes all of my drivers, bios and Utilities are fully up to date but still no game. The other thing that 505 Games has confirmed is that they used Win 10 Pro for all their game development work.

I would be ever so grateful if anyone can help me out in resolving this insidious Windows created problem or at least by giving me the benefit of their experience and wisdom in this matter, as I am a complete newbee to the forums scene and in going beyond where I have ventured to date. Sincerely Ian