Please! Four hour session with MS - after 7 days of hell.

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       26 Jun 2016 #1

    Please! Four hour session with MS - after 7 days of hell.

    Win 10 reinstalled today.

    I need to recover Outlook via WindowsBackupImage because all of the horrors of the past week destroyed most of my backups. I can't find anything, really.

    In Recovery, it points to my 6/10 image.
    The image I need is from 6/17. I didn't even know I had one, because they are under the umbrella of a (dated) 6/18 backup which was created 6/17. There are I pointed to it, the MS tech saw the file, so why can't the Recovery program find it? There are 2 "hard disk image files" and about a dozen "xml" docs.
    O, right - Mount is an option, but I am totally unfamiliar with this and have no idea what to do. (Will look now, though.)

    Worst case scenario is that I lose a week by going back to 6/10 instead of 6/17, but why should I have to when I KNOW the image is in my external hard drive?

    Thank you.
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    Hi, Mounting an image will (should) allow you to explore its content and recover individual files and folders.

    If it's Outlook messages you're interested in rather than the program, you might have a chance - I'm not familiar with Outlook pst and other files but see e.g.
    Locating the Outlook data files - Outlook

    As far as I know, Backup and restore scans for image files. I can only assume some corruption or sthg missing means it's not finding it. There doesn't seem a way to browse to an external disk manually.

    If however Outlook isn't working, that's another matter.

    Some have found Backup and Restore to be unreliable, and others have reported issues with images and external disks.

    It's great you're using it, but the recommendation here is for a much more powerful and flexible tool for disk imaging such as Macrium Reflect - the free version should be adequate.
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    I can understand (after the seven days that I had) why PERHAPS I wasn't so clear.
    The question remains: I must ASAP - tonight - recover system image. First, I know there's a 6/17 image, but Recovery only shows a 6/10 image. I do not want to pick and choose whichever image is offered. I want the whole thing.
    How do I do it? I am totally unfamiliar with this method.
    Because I can't find the optimum image on my system, even though I KNOW it's on my external HD, can I do another recovery on top of this after I find the proper image? (It's a silly question, but as long as I'm not losing the ability to use it more than once, I think I'm okay.)

    Simple, concise, and clear would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you.
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    We're not going to be able to help you. None of us knows WHAT You did (or what Microsoft told you to do), how you did it, what your system looks like, or anything else for that matter. We're stabbing in the dark far more than you are.

    And, FYI, demanding help within a short timeframe, and in a specific format is even more unlikely to get you help.
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    I do know how you are trying to Recover and how and where you see all that image dates, if in Recover utility or by means of File Explorer.
    In Recover Utility, if you have more than one Backup, you should be able to choose each one from Recovery utility.
    If there is only one available, it will be likely that one is last one was done.

    EDIT: If there is only one available in Recovery Utility, but you can see with File Explorer more dates, propably there was going something wrong with those backups, I mean they were not sucessful. So, the one available will the last one sucessful Backup.
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       27 Jun 2016 #6

    BellaDonna said: View Post
    Win 10 reinstalled today.
    I need to recover Outlook via WindowsBackupImage
    It is not clear how you created the backup (System image, Recovery, Macrium, ......) so giving advice is difficult.

    You have a clean install - why not just install and configure Outlook, then let it sync the data from the server.

    Recovering an image after a Clean install is extra work - recovering the image would have been enough.
    You can only restore part of an image with 3rd party images.
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       27 Jun 2016 #7

    Oh my, I didn't intend for the forum to perceive that I was demanding answers.
    What I very poorly meant was that (regardless of any additional input), I had to recover last night. I haven't been able to work for a week and I have my own business. I hope that is clear now.

    I upgraded from Win7 in January.
    On May 14, after installing the MS May Cumulative updates, I had three weeks of BSODs. After 20 days of submitting logs, dumps, scans, tests, and a million other things, the head honcho at MS suggested that I refresh Win10. No determination other than that.
    The same day, a wonderful person here diagnosed my BSODs in a couple of hours. He/She suggested a clean install.
    Beginning last Sunday - 6/19 - I decided that it was time to do that. The first two installations were corrupted in some way. That's how this started.

    Prior to any data loss or issues in Win10, I created 1. Image and 2. data backups w/Backup & Recovery. I lost recent data files last week from Backup but have a recent System Image. System Recovery Image points to 6/10 Backup Image only.

    I am now in Win10, the upgrade, via ISO file, thanks to 4 hours w/Microsoft yesterday.

    Bottom line, except for a minor screw-up (I'm lying - it's really bad), this is what I believe are my only two options and my experiences with each.

    I do not know how to recover - or mount - the WindowsBackupImage (vhd) file. All I did here is confirm the files exist and are on the drive. I don't understand the process.

    When using Wn10 Recovery, after pointing to the only System Image (6/10) available for recovery, I am instructed to boot from Repair Disk. I have not been able to boot into Repair, although I have set the BIOS a hundred times.

    I have two repair disks. I think/I created on with Media Creation Tool on Saturday, but I have the original Jan 2016 repair disk. I don't know why the disk doesn't open.

    I deleted Administrator using Net User commands. I was trying to remove the email address and password prompts. Prior to this version of the upgrade, I never had any password protection.
    This is my computer in my own home - nobody has access to it and I think it's a ridiculous step I must take. I am now in my other account, not Administrator.

    In Command, Net User shows that Administrator is the default account as Guest and my name is on there with no description. Without access to ANY Admin Privileges, I cannot add, change, modify Net User.
    I have tried and failed to pull up Safe Mode, which is supposed to be the fix, but can't get into it.

    I can't do anything because my computer doesn't recognize any administrator. I am the Local Account. When this started yesterday, I switched account.s. Switching back isn't an option. I cannot enable hidden Account Admin - which I think requires Safe Mode (?).
    Anything and everything of substance that I try to perform is denied.
    Is this why I cannot use Recovery?

    Thank you for a little understanding and any help you can provide.
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    "I can't do anything because my computer doesn't recognize any administrator."

    If you've lost your admin account and can't enable the hidden admin acct you have a BIG BIG problem, I'm afraid.

    Here's the tutorial (the tutorial section is extremely practical and extensive - do feel free to search it) as to enabling hte hidden admin acct:
    Administrator account - Enable or Disable in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums
    Here's the Win 7 procedure (the Win 10 one will be very similar, but you can look for it of course)

    And as you know, this requires you have a boot disk.

    Now, laptops can be peculiar when it comes to boot disks. Mine, for example requires me to hit f7 when booting in order to see a very strange set of almost unrecognisable options, one of which is my DVD drive. Clicking that then boots from that.

    You need to look into how yours does this, if it's not a straight boot order setting in your BIOS.
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       27 Jun 2016 #9

    My edited post (just now) should give you a little insight if Net User provides that.

    Oh man, do I ever know how bad things are.
    Also my edited post offers more info.
    BIOS is very straightforward and easy to get into. I will read your links.

    The main difference that I see - and I have to assume that people have newer model laptops than me, is that no option takes me FROM changing boot option INTO the process itself. If it's not supposed to be two separate steps, I'll call ASUS again.

    Thank you very much.
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       27 Jun 2016 #10

    Finally. I found SAM- the file is in use. Enter a new name of close the file that is open in another program.

    My thought is that I logged in as administrator - because the option was there.???
    Thank you.
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