I tried to search the forum, but could not find the relevant threads. Please point me.

I have the known issue of seeing squares instead of ^ V <> in the scrolling bars and other areas in Internet Explorer. I recall there was a font issue, so I used a Windows 7 DVD-ROM, booted into that and then pressed SHIFT+F10 to get a command prompt. I then deleted any seg*.ttf, ver*.tff and symbol.ttf files from Windows Fonts folder and copied these back from a backup. Didn't work. When back in Windows 10 I saw again these annoying squares instead of the proper symbols. Please remind me of the solution or point me to the relevant thread.


PS: In case that it matters, the version is Windows 10 Pro 32-bit build 10586.420. I haven't tried SFC yet since I have done some customizations that will be lost if I restore system files, but if there is no other solution I'll do it and redo the customizations.