In M.S. Word 2003, formatting a picture/object/textbox, one can check/uncheck the Lock Anchor option. (Format > Object/Picture/Text Box > Layout > Advanced > Lock Anchor.)

In the past, whatever option one chose stuck and survived editing. Since upgrading to Windows 10, however, the default option is Lock. But not only newly created or pasted objects get locked---once unlocked they automatically revert to being locked upon any major editing action, such as copy-paste to a new page or group/ungroup. When ungrouping an unlocked group, all descendant objects get locked, each getting anchored to its nearest paragraph, and there may be dozens of them.

This is a huge nuisance, particularly in light of the multiple actions needed for manual locking/unlocking. Does anybody know how to change the default to Unlocked? I'd be grateful. Thank you.