Just considering Windows 10 Desktop for now, no phones or anything, can someone please explain to me how things are connected to one another in the background? When I followed the setup prompts I logged in with the live.com account, and it somehow was not part of Skype. Or, this didn't happen until I set up up Office 365 which I later rolled back. So I have the Messaging App which displays that I'm signed into my MS account. But nothing else. Then I have what appears to be the "normal" version of Skype.

So what's the deal - is the Messaging app and Skype integrated, or no?

Then, I have Yahoo IM - which and a Google Voice account that I use for SMS. Is there anyway to just roll all these things into the Messaging app for SMS, text-audio-video chat. all together?

Actually, if I could just get the Messaging app to work with the basic features that would be good enough to me on my way.