Hi all,
I have a new laptop running Windows 10 (with most recent updates installed) and I'm also using Office 2013 and using a 27 inch external monitor as my main display - showing desktop only on that external monitor. I did a registry hack to get Windows-Y to take a screen clipping with OneNote in 2013, and it was working great. Then all of a sudden, when I hit the Win-Y key combo, my monitor grays (as is typical) and the image shrinks to a proportion of the screen, so that my screen clips are smaller than what I see on the screen. After the clipping is done, the screen returns to normal.

This also occurred with the OneNote screenclipping tool before I did the registry hack.

When I duplicate displays across my laptop screen and my external monitor, this shrinking does not occur. I prefer not to run my laptop screen at all though, as it is distracting and pulls battery power.

Is there something I can adjust so that I don't get this incredible shrinking screen? Here is an image (as attachment displayed inline) of the TenForums window expanded to take up the entire external monitor. You can see how it shrinks when I take a screenshot.

DebClick image for larger version. 

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