Windows 10: WindowsApps, Store, Calculator, Camera etc have stopped working Solved

  1.    03 Jun 2016 #1

    WindowsApps, Store, Calculator, Camera etc have stopped working

    I don't mean to intrude on someone else's Post but I have the same problem.
    This is real bull.
    When will Microsoft fix the WindowsApps problem?
    I delayed the upgrade from Win 8.1 until the last minute so that the bugs could be fixed.
    I have the problem that many seem to have.
    WindowsApps, Store, Calculator, Camera etc have stopped working.
    I have tried all sort of fixes that I read about.
    Reset cache, change ownership of folder, changed security settings for permissions, windows fix and all.
    I don't want to do a Reset because of the dozen or more Apps I will need to reinstall including Thunderbird, and you know how that will go, because it will take days.
    I have not setup a new User account as I think I may have a problem moving all the files and again, reinstall all the apps.
    I might try a repair install and try to keep everything.
    Problem with that is when you first launch Setup, it warns that you will not be able to return to Windows 8. It's only been two weeks and I don't want to loose that option yet.

    I do not know which Update caused the problem but it started about ten days ago.
    Will Microsoft be doing a fix for this?
    So many PCs have been affected.

    If I restore 8.1, will I be able to do the upgrade again and keep all my stuff?

    Also, does anyone know if turning off some of the Privacy options etc can cause this problem.

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  2.    03 Jun 2016 #2

    Have you got a system restore point from before the apps stopped working? You could try that. If no good on that front then it is worth just setting up a new 'dummy' administrator user account just to test and see if the apps in question work on that. If they do it's worth deleting your user account and re-creating. I know it's a total pain but if you select to keep files when deleting your corrupted current user account you can then move all your documents etc into the new user account. Apps from windows store can easily be re downloaded on the new account and any traditional software will still be installed and available to your new account.

    i have never done a repair install but I have heard it does wonders and should get you back in business with everything intact. I don't really know much of whether you can get back to 8.1 but would you really want to. I admit Windows 10 is an unpredictable minefield, there is a lot of problems and the native apps are causing much grief. But Windows 10, there is little getting away from it - in time a lot of software will be Windows 10 only I'm sure as the aggressive MS campaign wins out. Might as well try and embrace it.

    if you get everything back working again take regular system restore points and use either Windows in built image or macrium reflect to take system images from time to time. A system image can return you to a functional machine in a matter of hours
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  3.    03 Jun 2016 #3

    Thanks Scotty
    Would you believe that that my System Restore also seems to not work too well.
    It only keeps one Restore point and it has been configured with 8GB for restore.
    XP kept so many and now (8.1 did the same) I only see the latest and only one.
    No help in this case.
    I thought I might return to 8.1 and then try another upgrade.
    The WindowsApps worked for a few days after the Upgrade.

    The apps do work in another account.
    I guess I will try a new account and delete the bad one when I get the time.
    Trouble with me is that I have customized many things like Thunderbird' mail on a different drive.
    Most all of my files are not stored on the System drive. Not sure how this will work when I am using a new User account.
    Setting up new Libraries etc for backup will take time.

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  4.    04 Jun 2016 #4

    It sounds like a repair install might be the best and most painless thing to try as all your configurations should be maintained. The repair should only target Windows files and apps.

    i strongly suspect the Windows native apps have corrupted due to them trying to auto update and things getting stuck. When this happens they have a high probability of corrupting. If you get things back to a functional state then go into store and set app updates to manual so you can manage the process better. Take regular restore points manually, then do the system image.
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  5.    04 Jun 2016 #5

    Given your comment about having tried all the solutions, then I suspect you have probably irreparably damaged your system with all of these hacks that only a complete reset (or maybe even a new clean install) may be your only choice.

    Once you start messing with folder permissions, things are almost impossible to fix after that.

    There are basically 2 reasons why apps stop working in my experience. 1) turning off UAC, and 2) corrupted permissions in your system folders.
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  6.    04 Jun 2016 #6

    I suspect you are right.
    I am in the process of trying another "Upgrade".
    I'll get back.
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  7.    04 Jun 2016 #7

    Yep good idea, will be interested to know how you get on
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  8.    05 Jun 2016 #8

    Well I did another "Upgrade" to Win 10.
    Used the online process. Worked like a charm.
    I don't seem to have lost a single thing!!!
    Store is working and the other Apps are back.
    Thanks for your guidance
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