My laptop originally came with a Windows 8.1 installation, and has always had issues with Windows store apps not working. Usually the apps appear, then close. I have an iPhone, which videos and photos can only be synced from the Photos app (if iTunes is installed, which it is), but the Photos app will not run long enough to perform any operation. On my desktop however, there is no issue with this, as the apps seem to work fine, every single installed app runs there, just my laptop that won't run them. I've done an extensive search of google, and tried many powershell and command prompt "fixes," but to no avail. When I am on vacation, or visiting someone in town, I cannot take photos off my iPhone to make room for more, which is actually quite frustrating. It doesn't really matter where the photos end up being stored, as I have a homegroup for my computers, and I have numerous external drives for transfers. I would try to remote control my desktop, but that breaks some things on my desktop (hibernation no longer works, sleep lasts for 60 seconds max, etc) and it does seem a bit extraneous, just to save some photos, and sometimes I do not have any means of accessing a network while on vacation, so that would be useless most of the time anyways. I'd like to know a fix, seeing as I cannot find one. Thanks in advance!