How do I create a batch file to convert all of my iPod Photo Cache all at once to jpeg. I have SmartIV ImageZipper Image Converter 1.0.2. I have read how to use other software to do this but I can't figure out the command with this software. I have no experience running batch files so please be specific. I made a folder on my C: drive named Thumbs that have all of the folders/files in it. My software is in the Programs (x86) folder. This PC/Windows(C:)/Programs(x86)/SmartIV/ImageZipper/imagezipperPic FileConverter.exe.These are the instructions I saw:

This link is no longer valid & I already had conversion software that works but you have to do it a folder at a time.

Now follow these steps:
1. Create a new foder called Thumbs as a subdirectory of your hard drive. I assume this your C: drive. (example C:\Thumbs)
2. Copy all the .ithmb files into this folder.
3. Download the iThmbConv program file directly into this folder.
4. Now, on your pc desktop, go to Start, Run and enter cmd in the box. Hit okay.
5. When the black screen command prompt comes on, type cd.. at the end of the prompt line. Press Enter.
6. The next line should only show C:> If not, enter cd.. again to just show C:>
7. Now type *cd Thumbs* When you press enter, the next line should be C:Thumbs>
8. Assuming one of your .ithmb picture files is named T100. (They are all T and a number, so I'm using T100 as an example) Now type *iThumbConv T100.ithmb*
You should now see a few copies of your original .ithmb file in the Thumbs folder in a format that is viewable on your pc such as .jpg or whatever.
Repeat step #8 for each additional .ithmb file you want to convert. Then, you can ditch the the copies you don't need.

Then this was posted:
it should be ithmbconv (exclude the 'u'), also, creating a batch file is the way to go, you can convert hundreds of files quickly, here's a quick method, still all within the same directory, first create a tree by typing:
C:\thumbs tree /a /f > tree.txt <enter>
this will create a list of all .ithmb files in the directory, open this file with notepad, delete the header and footer information, find and replace all ' T' with 'ithmbconv T' (make sure you find the correct number of spaces before the T) save this file, change to .bat extension, then from command line type:
C:\thumbs tree <enter> and wala, hundreds of jpg's created. I hope someone can help me!