Windows 10: Photo Gallery Missing Files

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       21 May 2016 #11

    I read your post again and I'm beginning to think that you previously had WLM 2011 installed

    If that's true, then the uninstall probably requires the WLM 2011 wlarp

    Do the search I previously requested for a current reference
    .... here's a trick
    With the search results in File Explorer (details view & sorted by name)

    Select all
    Copy Path (Home tab)
    Paste into your text editor (notepad is fine)
    Attach the text file to your post.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	fxpCopyPath.png 
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    Before doing the cleanup - make sure you have a copy or a backup of your pictures.
    You renamed the Windows Live folders in the previous attempt so anything in those folders are safe.

    I forget if Photogalley is a organizer only or if it stores your images and manages them.

    The Photogallery folder I wasn't sure about the contents. You might want to copy that folder, just in case, outside of the Windows Live tree. If the search shows that it is in Windows Live-x then you're ok

    What I'm asking you to do is verify that your data is safe before running the cleanup.

    An easy way to locate all images is to use File Explorer Search on This PC

    As long as you're sure you have your images and that they are not in a Windows Live directory tree, then I don't see any reason not to proceed.

    If you have wlarp on your system
    Try running with the cleanup:all parameter

    Command Prompt (Admin)
    x64 machine:
    "c:\program files (x86)\windows live\installer\wlarp.exe" /cleanup:all /q

    x32 machine:
    "c:\program files\windows live\installer\wlarp.exe" /cleanup:all /q

    When the uninstall has completed, the dialog box will close

    If you cannot find wlarp, download the WLM 2011 version from here:

    Then run wlarp fom the location you save it (Downloads folder in the following example)

    Command Prompt (Admin)
    cd %USERPROFILE%\Downloads
    wlarp.exe /clenup:all /q
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  2.    24 May 2016 #12

    hi slartybart
    thanks again so much for working with me.
    ok. i have completed step 1. and the text notepad is attached. 2nd. Photo gallery is an organizer and all my photos has been backed up to an external drive, if i missed anything it won't bother me much as long as this problem is fixed. 3rd. Iwl new search results 0522.txt didn't have wlarp so i downloaded the one you attached and received this error upon installing which is also attached. Based on these previous steps i didn't go any further as to not create more problems.

    wl new search results 0522.txt
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	wl essential 2011 setup.jpg 
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       24 May 2016 #13

    Ok, thanks

    There are two folders that should be renamed
    "C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Windows Live"
    "%LocalAppData%\Microsoft\Windows Live"
    edit: It's possible that WLARP created them when installed - not sure, but please rename them.

    Once those two are safe by rename
    Launch WLARP 2011 again (the one you downloaded)
    If WLARP isn't found (bc of the reanme) - search for it
    WinKey then type (in the air) wlarp (the search box shows up when you start typing)

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	wl essential 2011 setup.jpg 
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ID:	81447

    - this time answer YES to the
    Would you like to uninstall now?
    question in the dialog box.
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       24 May 2016 #14

    If WLM 2011 successfully uninstalls
    - try the WLM 2012 offline install pkg
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  5.    25 May 2016 #15

    hi slartybart
    we're almost there...yes!!
    windows 2012 essential, installed all correctly, it is now found in my program & features. I wasn't sure what the next step would be. But i did check to see if Photo Gallery would work, but i received these errors which i have attached. I also attempted to download the file that was needed which i chose the first one, but after reading the details and OS requirement i was unsure if it.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	photo gallery error code.jpg 
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ID:	81575
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	photo gallery info is missing.jpg 
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    Click image for larger version. 

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       25 May 2016 #16

    See if .NET 3.5 is enabled
    Programs & Features
    Turn Windows features on or off (sb at the top)
    If it is NOT slected, select it and restart

    If it is selected, turn it off and restart

    Search the machine for wlarp and run as administrator
    The 2012 version, not the one you previously downloaded.
    From my machine:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Live\Installer\wlarp.exe
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	wlarpVers.PNG 
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ID:	81584

    You should get a repair option - pick it (if no repair - exit wlarp and let me know)
    Hopefully that will pull .NET 3.5 down and solve the issue for you.

    If that doesn't solve it .... go back to Pgms & Feats > Turn Windows feats on or off
    select .NET 3.5
    Ok, and restart

    I suppose you could just manually download and install .NET 3.5

    To be honest, I'm not certain .NET 3.5 is the key to solving the issue. I've never had to do anything with SQL compact to resolve WLM issues, so I'm starting from the pgm with the issue and working backwards - always using Windows to make sure any relationships are bound.

    I'll be around ..
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  7.    26 May 2016 #17

    well mr.slartybart
    seems like we're at the end of the road on this one. I've taken all steps you indicated and the net.3.5 and the SQL compact Edition is on my pc. Now heres the weird part, photo gallery will open when i right click on a photo and select the option to open with, but when i attempt to open photo gallery from the start menu, this where the error comes i need SQL compact Edition 2005. So i went to Microsoft community support and found out this issue has been ongoing since jan 2016 and no one has a definitely fix and MS is aware of the issue with window 10, but yet has no update to fix. So rather than making more attempts i decided to find another photo organizer program for windows 10 which will allow me to be able to scan my documents/jpgs . I don't know how this one "Picasso 3" will turn out but at least as of now i do have something to use until MS comes up with a fix if they ever do. So thank you so much for all your time & patience.
    And giving me lessons for windows 10 dummies 101 :) because of this i am no longer afraid to explore and troubleshoot in windows 10.

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  8. Slartybart's Avatar
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       26 May 2016 #18

    I thought about this a bit more and realize that I missed a step after renaming the Windows Live folders

    The next step should have been cCleaner (direct download)
    Running the Registry scan to clean out the WLM 2011 entries.
    Then installing WLM 2012

    Your call if you want to go through the process again, this time with the cCleaner step

    Picassa 3? Google product?
    Highly rated, but ... Google is moving focus to the the cloud, so that pgm won't be updated.
    Still, it is a good pgm.

    Everyone is finding the transition to Win10 a bitt dificult - besides the changes in Windows, many pgms are moving to a new model too (Picassa, Windows Live) - it's all up in the clouds.

    Take a look at the Photos App in Win10 - I'm not a fan of the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) Apps, but that's where MS is going.

    You might also consider using the Picture Libraries - although there's no interface, everything you do would be manual on each file - probably not what you want.

    Oh yeah ... you might as well uninstall the SQL compact - it was a good thing to test, but the test is done.

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  9.    26 May 2016 #19

    thanks Bill
    So if i decided to retry, what steps would be involved?. I use cCleaner often. So should i just run ccleaner registry for the 2011 wlm , uninstall & then reinstall wlm 2012; should i run the wlsetup-all or wlsetup-web ? The only thing about windows icloud pgm, it doesn't give me the option to scan. Unless i need to update to Picassa Window Live.
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       26 May 2016 #20

    Simple steps, then dinner for me

    1) Search for Windows Live folders

    2) Rename with a suffix of -x1
    (the first renames are suffix -x)

    3) cCleaner - Registry > Scan
    sort by data column
    select only those related to Windows Live
    or... if you're as confident in cCleaner as I am, select all
    backup - yes
    - run the scan a 2nd time to clean up any reg entires asscocited with the first set

    4) Restart for good measure

    5) install Windows Photogallery 2012 from teh off line pkg.

    I wrote these fairly quick - you might want to compare the steps to what I wrote before - ask questions.
    Steps 3 & 4 are new.

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