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seems the standard Internet and DAB ("Dead and Buried") Radio streams are getting lower and lower quality these days - even old FM is a lot better than some of the BBC DAB radio streams these days.

To restore the 320 Kb's streams again (at least from the BBC) - download a Free app called get_iplayer --works on both Linux and Windows (you have to use the CLI though).

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the title of the program is in the PID -- the scrambled up number in the Internet header when you use the standard BBC iplayer app to find the PID. (simply load the program (don't play it) using the standard BBC app.

Note the pid and then use the GET_IPLAYER app to retrieve the program.

For RADIO the command is get_iplayer --get --type=radio --pid=xxxxxxxx

for TV command is similar get_iplayer --get --modes=best --pid=xxxxxxxx --subtitles this will return a TV program in HD with subtritles.

Getting Radio again at 320 kb/s is great -- it's a pity the standard streams have bbeen downgraded --DAB is really a waste of time these days unless it's just for speech.

To get the app


100% LEGAL and Free.