Hi to everybody.
First of all, I know there are a lot of topics regarding this issue. Still, I didn't find anything which could help me.

A few infos:

  • I'm running the Insider Build 14332, and this problem started to show up since this last installation;
  • I've already tried to delete my credentials from the Credential Manager, with no luck.

I've noticed this thing: OneDrive is messing up with Windows credentials too. Each time I login with it, Windows 10 keeps asking to verify my account, so I had to follow this guide by Brink to fix the mess.
Now I'm in the situation where my Windows is working, but I can no longer use OneDrive.
Browsing around the internet, I've read that a lot of people are still having this problem (as you can see at this link).
In particular, some people have having this problem (like me): in Credential Manager, the username is being turned in a random alphanumeric string (see the photo).
Any hint to fix this problem?

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