I recently bought a small 11" laptop to use remotely when I'm out of pocket. It doesn't have a hard drive, only 32gb of flash memory. That's ok, but I really want to minimize what I transfer to the memory. But hey, it's 2016 and we have the cloud, right? So on my main laptop I have the Google Drive app installed, and it automatically places a copy of everything in my local Google Drive file on the Google cloud drive. For my tiny no-HD laptop, I'd rather access files on the cloud and not create another copy of all the files on this laptop. I noticed in apps when I File-Open, the dialog has local files, a tab for Network files, and even a tab for OneDrive. But no generic cloud files or a specific Google Drive entry.

Is it possible to add Google Drive to that dialog, or in some other easy way access cloud files that are NOT on OneDrive. I can't really install Google Drive desktop since it will create copies of all the files and I don't have room for that.