Noticed earlier today app updates for these came through. Installed fine on my laptop, films and tv app update glitched on my desktop - after manually kicking off the update it seemed to complete, vanish, then re appear with download symbol. Tried again but it only downloaded a tiny amount of data before saying complete. The result when I tried to launch the app was nothing opening. I used a restore point to yesterday and checked for the updates again. This time they went in fine and all was well. Just a heads up in case others want to update them.

I guess i was just unlucky but showed the value of the restore point. I do find if an update glitches for a native app (which is rare) it can foul the app up totally either on my user account or the other user accounts (or both). In this case it only fouled it up on mine but not for the other users. Unfortunately there is no apparent way to fix a native app when this happens other than system restore.