Adobe turned off its activation process for CS2 early in 2013 but it was only recently that it eventually got around to me. Three years! I was familiar with the online reinstallation files and had them ready should I ever get the dreaded popup that effectively interfered with my legal right to use CS2. I started the process and was shocked to get a message telling me that Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Version Cue were already installed. No, Adobe, they have been uninstalled.

Anyone encountered this problem and has overcome it?

[In desperation I recently bought CS4 (as I stated in another thread I started) but have been bitterly disappointed to get the no-printing problem with Photoshop that some users have encountered. It doesn't help when people say (including some of my friends) that printing works OK for them when it just won't work for me and others. It also doesn't help when Adobe actually admitted that there were printing problems in CS4 but that they were fixed in CS5.]