Windows 10: itunes will not install on win10 Solved

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    flybynite said: View Post
    I downloaded and installed iTunes as mentioned previously. It also installed FIVE extra programs.
    Success! I followed this link Troubleshooting issues with iTunes for Windows ... | Apple Support Communities

    and downloaded the iTunes app again and this time, it installed.

    I also verified that the download was the correct file size!
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    Good stuff - it's frustrating when something that should be simple turns it a mass long winded troubleshooting mission but that's Apple for you. Their support should of been aware of the issue and directed you to this but they are too busy counting .
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    Scottyboy99 said: View Post
    Apple are the most unhelpful arrogant entity I've ever had the displeasure to deal with. They think they can do no wrong. 'It just works' is the biggest lie ever. Problem is I like their phones, they dump on MS offerings from a great height. But it doesn't make me like them anymore.

    anyway onto the topic at hand. Do you have other Apple software already installed such as Bonjour, Safari, iCloud control panel? It prob won't help but often the advice when encountering an iTunes issue is to uninstall the other products and start again.
    Never liked iTunes from day one although I've used it occasionally over the years and more recently maybe 2010-2011 it used to be terribly compromised bloatware and nag ware and maybe still is for all I know .

    I just do lossless 16 & 24 bit music now anyway and I have replaced all my mp3/aac with lossless and or Tidal premium playlists anyway and I don't own a fruit phone or play music on a phone or PDP anyway and I can make whatever I need including CD's or USB for the vehicles from what I have or get in lossless .

    IMO Tidal Hifi and Deezer 16/44 lossless FLAC are the only proper ways to stream music outside of a phone or PDP for outside or wherever.maybe even in a car where the ambient noise levels will usually diminish 16/44 and up anyway unless U got real beat in a very quiet ride ☻

    We have some work up at iTunes (albums and tracks ) but they get the 24 bit lossless production mixes from the aggregators we use or the producers use and we don't deal with them directly at all and they re encode it to high bit rate .aac themselves
    and likewise Spotify and Pandora etc use high bitrate mp3 ( I don't know what mixes they get from us by the time they get a production ) and a lot of mp3 comes fom CD mixes anyway and Tidal Hifi (premium) and Deezer (premium) *sometimes pass our 24 bit mixes along at 16/44 lossless and we send out CD specific media mixes (sometimes we squash those or a 24 bit mix to 16 bits if that's what the principles want to make them loud or for artistic reasons ) and otherwise for the CD replicators anyway squashed or not and 16 bit club mixes for the clubs .

    I never know what they are really streaming at Tidal premium with our mixes until I sample it ,it could be the 16 bit post production CD mix or a 24 bit production mix truncated to 16 bits it's usually out of our hands and up to the principals once the product leaves here and we upload whatever we made to the producers or whomever they designate anyway or give the small frys CD's and or file transfers if that's what they want but in any event we re retain at least the safety masters and or CD mixes and a safety master copy and CD master of any outside production mixes we have work in in case somebody wants a re master down the line or we need it for some reason .

    The majority of our catalog and custom digital music projects we make goes out in 24 bits uncompressed formats and sometimes gets squashed & noise shaped or just truncated elsewhere after the vocals get layered in or not it can vary within tracks on the same album also .

    OTOH any of the the 24 bit truncated to 16/44 prod. mixes at Tidal premium sourced from 24 bit saftey masters from the labels like usual or otherwise invariably sound better than the squashed CD mixes they stream occasionally which I try to discourage our principals to use outside of CD's or mp3 if they need all that anyway .
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    russ399 said: View Post
    Success! I followed this link Troubleshooting issues with iTunes for Windows ... | Apple Support Communities

    and downloaded the iTunes app again and this time, it installed.
    glad U got it working

    Wanna have some fun install Pro Tools , Ableton Live , Sony ACID Pro ,Steinberg Cubase, Propeller head Reason ,Cakewalk SONAR X3 or something like that and shove in some plug ins ,library's,Midis,editors projects and HDWE drivers and activate it all

    We have Pro Tools , Ableton Live ,Steinberg Cubase,and some production suites,editors and tons of VST plugins ,emulators and VST sample library's ..........none it was the free stuff which ain't so hot (or compatible ) in a studio .

    OTOH ......EAC and Audacity are fine sound editor/recorders & file converters for casual and advanced expert level use and sound virtually as good as a professional DAW at simple recording and playback & some effects along with Foobar 2000 which ain't a half bad player and they are all free and pretty much must haves for computer audio outside of a professional studio anyway ! ( VLC ) is THE free go to default must have Video and DVD player and it plays music well !

    They have a free windows 10 store and Andoid TV app but they don't work exceedingly well like the free .x86 program.......

    .I have all the VLC apps and the PC program and Audacity & foobar 2000 on the PC in here also along with some of the studio stuff we have on the workstation but I use this home stuff and Kodi in here for personal use i,e, a free must have media browser and player .

    note : the only VLC I use is the excellent PC - VLC even though I have the others but outside this Android TV I could see Kodi on a PC also no problem you can play DVD on a PC well with VLC and maybe Kodi .

    I have Kodi in my 4K Sony Android TV along with VLC iTBH I figure you are computer audio newbie if you are using iTunes or just don't know any better

    .in here for video downloads and media rips on spinning metal and just about anything else you want to play or get from the free Kodi media add on repository's over Wi Fi fi or ethernet from the web .

    You don't need an HTPC with one of these TV's and some USB HDD's or a lan server I have 198 channels on the Roku in here also and Dish TV & 32 OTA stations,Netflix ,Amazon & Hulu Plus & ofc Tidal Premium on the PC.

    Note : on a PC Tidal Hifi premium only happens in a Chrome browser or maybe thier funky desktop app you don't want anyway. and something on Apple PC maybe safari and or Chrome and some other stuff outside of a PC

    TBH I figure you are computer audio newbie if you are using iTunes or just don't know any better

    If you care about audio quality maybe get a Tidal premium 16/44 FLAC music streaming acct and or loseless FLAC downloads or make some 16/44 FLAC CD rips for your PC ,outside a car in a car or in the home and leave the mp3 type stuff for outside or high noise environments, PDP & telephones or the dumpster
    or maybe in a car. .
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