I am having problems with my photo images, specifically serious problems regarding trying to preview or view only selected images from a single folder.

Before I upgraded to Win 10 from Win 7, on both XP and Win 7, I was able to control-select photos, right-click and use Preview in Window Photo Viewer to preview the selected photos only, navigating between them using the arrow buttons. (The open command was set to Paint Shop Pro 8.)

I have managed to get to the point where I can at least, preview photos using WPV with "open with" (having set PSP8 to the default app). However, whether I use WPV or the photo app, the left/right scroll options navigate through the entire contents of the folder, instead of just the selected images.

Given that I specifically used this feature to compare photographs so that I could delete duplicates and assess whether one image was better than another, this is rather frustrating. It means that, at current, the only way to do that is to open a seperate instance of each photo in a seperate window, instead of being able to scroll through those images.

Case in point, I have two images Centurion shotkalaelf 01.jpg and Centurion shotkalaelf 04.jpg. I want to be able to examine both to see if they are identical. Before, I could just control-select both, right-click and hit preview, and then could scroll backwards and forwards between the two pictures. (And "open" would open both images in PSP 8.)

Now, if I right-click "open with" using either Windows Photos Viewer or the new photo app, it opens one window trying to use the arrows merely skips to the next image in the folder, instead of the selected photo.

(In fact, having closed and opened Explorer, now it won't bring up "open with" at ALL if I control-select more than one image.)

What do I do to remedy this issue? If it requires having to download a third-party utility image viewer, that's fine; I just need SOMETHING that will let me control-select to preview/view pictures and navigate between them without having to open a window for every one.