Adobe has finally got around to me, popping up that dreaded message about it turning off activation of CS2. This annoyance began in 2013 and here I am getting the treatment in 2016. I already had downloaded the reinstallation files and had trialled them on a backup PC some time ago. That PC has also been upgraded to Win 10 and the suite is working on it. The machine has a small screen and isn't a good one on which to use CS2 or any other CS version.

So I grudgingly began the process on my main PC. The procedure has to be modified, requiring the installation of the three 'disks' in 2, 3 and 1 order. Well done, Adobe.

However, despite having had the suite working after I had upgraded to Win 10, the reinstallation process has stalled. I can install the disks 2 and 3 but when I get to disk 1 an error message says that I already have the suite installed and I should uninstall it before reinstalling, despite having used Revo to uninstall it completely, or so I thought. Perhaps there are some leftover bits in the registry.

When I first got this error I panicked and bought an unopened copy of CS4 Master Collection off eBay. It is working fine on my main PC, except for two of my networked printers not being recognised (they are the best two!). This is a known Adobe problem and can appear with a number of suite versions. Still, I can use CS4 on my main PC, but I would like to have CS2 installed as well. After all, I paid handsomely for it back in the day.

Anyone encountered this problem and resolved it? It certainly was unexpected.