Today, again, I got several 'An App Default Was Reset' notifications again, after I went thru great length to stop MS from doing this, up and including a rather Draconian registry patch:

Without turning this into a rant, I wish to express, in the strongest possible terms, that I find Microsoft's position in this totally UNACCEPTABLE. They do not decide which programs I use. Period.

This passive-aggressive behavior really needs to come to a halt. There are several threads to be found on the Internet; and everywhere you see MS employees playing dumb, pretending they have no idea what's going on. Cut it out! You wrote Windoze 10, so you know full-well what you've been doing.

I simply never want to see another 'An App Default Was Reset' notification ever again. Isn't there *any* way to stop this horribly invasive behavior?!