Hey TenForums, Hydra here.

My PCIe RAID-0 Dual SSD finally croacked (only a month out of warranty.. go figure). Lost my Linux OS and a couple of custom pieces of software I wrote/modified. Your guess is as good as mine why I didn't have my RAID-0 SSD entirely backed up. What wasn't backed up just so happens to be something I want.

Losing that SSD has me back to using Windows 10 as my primary OS for work and play.

I'm trying to find something for Windows that works like this:

I want to be able to set custom words or statements, that when I'm detected saying them, a command is executed.

As simple as that, but the catch is that I want it to work offline, and not require a connection to the internet to do the recognition.

I'm not looking for dictation software, and I would really prefer to steer clear of Python programs.

Do any of you know of something like this for Windows?

Similar software for Linux:
Voximp (defunct)