Sorry if this has been asked before, please point to the appropriate thread. I have Nero 2016 installed and I noticed that when using Nero Video and import large video files (over 4GB) or many small segment (500MB) video files (over 5-6) it can hang. Windows 10 seem to suspend the process and all I can do is wait (for ever) to recover. It doesn't allow me to end task (Access denied). If I also try to end task Explorer it will hang as well. The only solution is to reset the computer using the reset button on the front. Is there any work around apart from importing small files and appending a little at a time (not really convenient)? How can I allocate more RAM to Nero Video so it doesn't hang? Running as Administrator or setting priority to high, doesn't make any difference.

Thank you in advance.

PS: The problem occurs at my main PC (8GB RAM, see my specs) but I saw it a couple of times in my notebook (Windows 10 32-bit, 4GB RAM). Since I mentioned my notebook, it has Intel graphics and latest Intel software won't allow me to adjust the shared RAM. Is there any other tool to force the Intel graphics to use less RAM? Since it is a notebook, there is no such setting in BIOS either.