Windows 10: Back to the stone age --what are they doing

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  1.    29 Feb 2016 #11

    CountMike said: View Post
    I just ignore that stuff protected like that, double whammy, not only that I don't pay for it, I also don't watch it either. If more people would do that it would teach them a lesson. My life doesn't depend on some stupid movie.
    Hi there
    What's wrong with after a day out coming home and relaxing with a decent movie -- I know "One's life doesn't depend on it" - but surely legitimate buyers should be allowed to use their media when and wherever they like. Fortunately although still very grudgingly - a lot of Music sites have realized that too much DRM kills the industry anyway. Streamed DRM Free music actually causes a lot of people to go out and BUY the music if they like it -- surprisingly CD's and especially Vinyl sales haven't gone into the Black Hole as everyone originally thought. In any case not everybody either is or even wants to be online 24 hrs a day.

    (Actually on the "darker side of the Internet" provided the downloaded files are say MP4 / MKV / Mp3 / FLAC etc you can't really get a Virus since the music application will open these files as DATA so there's no real way for an executable to get launched. If however you download ZIP / RAR / EXE or whatever files - then that's the way you can get infected).

    I've challenged a lot of so called Security experts on these Forums to give me an example of a music file or a video file in a standard format (mp4 / mkv etc etc) containing a virus which will infect my machine - or even a link to one --I am quite willing to test this on a REAL machine --not even a VM.

    Guess what --not a SINGLE LINK !!!!!.

    If you want to accept the challenge and I'll post the result fairly - please send me link of one of these files infected with a Virus.

    Most of them will just give a message " Corrupted file) when you use say something like VLC to play it with. Note - No ZIPS, EXE,RAR;s etc. Must be a formatted typical audio or video codec file.

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    altae said: View Post
    No, that's just wrong. It has been the decision of the movie studios to copy protect DVD/ Bluerays/ whatever. They and only they are responsible for this stupidity. They don't realise that with every new copy protection they are not harassing the pirates, they will always find a way to circumvent the protective mechanism, they are harassing their customers. So people should stop buying that stuff until the studios stop this insane policy. If you publish something you have to live with illegal copies, it has always been like this and it will always stay the same. If you cannot live with illegal copies you should not publish anything. But no matter what you do it is always wrong to let paying customers suffer because of others. Illegal copies are a business risk of a movie studio, not a risk it's customers have to bear.
    DRM is there to protect copywrited material. If said material wasn't being redistributed illegally there wouldn't be any need for DRM. It's as simple as that. Cause and effect. I don't like it any more than the next guy but it's not all the manufacturers fault. That's all I'm saying.
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  3.    29 Feb 2016 #13

    Hi there

    That's like saying if there was no crime we wouldn't need Police.

    People will always get round this type of restriction --I'm sure people like me and you can do this easily enough --but to the average joe out there this is a real pain and he's not he one logging on to the likes of Tor Browser and downloading masses of Torrents --in fact most of the people who suffer the most with this nonsense are the ordinary people who probably in their entire lives have never heard of torrent sites and wouldn't know what to do with them in the first place.

    People come what may will store their multimedia on HDD or whatever and will always find a way round DRM --Just get over it Hollywood --how many BILLIONS did you make last year and how many MORE could you make if you eased digital supply of your products instead of old fashioned optical media etc.

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  4.    29 Feb 2016 #14

    I've already said, I don't like, and I don't agree with them doing it, it's a PITA. But blaming it all on Sony, or who ever is bull, IMHO. People have been copying software since it first showed up. In the early days you could buy one copy of Windows, and then install it on several PC's. Or copy or borrow the copy kicking around at work. Office was the same way, so were early games. Now look at how Windows and Office is activated. And we all know why it's activated this way. It's to prevent piracy. Regardless of whether it's been circumvented or not, it's there for a reason, and for most honest people it works. So are you saying that they should stop it altogether because its been cheated? Going back to your "if there was no crime we wouldn't need Police" one could say because people will rob banks or kill people anyway, police or no police. Why have police in the first place?
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  5.    29 Feb 2016 #15

    alphanumeric said: View Post
    DRM is there to protect copywrited material. If said material wasn't being redistributed illegally there wouldn't be any need for DRM. It's as simple as that. Cause and effect. I don't like it any more than the next guy but it's not all the manufacturers fault. That's all I'm saying.
    It was the studios decision, not the pirate's. The studios found it suitable to harass law abiding customers with crappy copy protection measures that completely fail to fulfill it's purpose. Some even went so far as installing malware on their customers pcs that tore open huge security holes.

    Illegal copies are a business risk of the music/ movie business. If you decide to venture into that business you also decide to live with illegal copies. Like Jimbo said, Hollywood makes enough money out of their (mostly) mediocre movies. Like the recording studios make enough money out of their mainstream records. But unlike the movie industry which is still protecting it's movies the music industry has finally come to the conclusion that copy protection does not help at all because it expensive in license costs but can always be circumvented.

    We as customers pay for that nonsense and it's about time we vote with our wallet and refuse to give them our hard earned money as long as they keep harassing us with their stupid copy protection.
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  6.    29 Feb 2016 #16

    What ever.
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