After 2 days of trying to install an app but getting the error that it's been blocked and I need permission from an administrator, I took parts from different places and made this work and it seems like the easiest to understand and least invasive process.

I finally got it to work and here's how:

1. in the Cortana search window type cmd.exe. This will make Command Prompt appear at the top.

2. right click on Command Prompt and select Run as Administrator. This brings up a black box with C:\WINDOWS\system32>

3. now you are going to navigate to the file location of the file you're trying to run by changing the directory to that location. So if your file is on your desktop, you can go and right click on it and under General it will say Location. You can highlight and copy that.

4. in the command black box type after the > the following:

cd (then paste what you copied here). So it would look like this:

NOTE: If your file you're trying to run has a long name like: iamafiletoopen.exe, you'll have to right click on it and rename it setup.exe for the above to work.

5. after you've changed the directory to your file location, type after the >


This should start the setup process of the app you're trying to install.

Hope this works for you!