I am have two problems with 1DfB.

1. It won't let me choose a sync location on my other hard drive. Could it be becase that Hardrive is formatted to exFAT? The error I get says: Sorry, we can't save your documents to the chosen location. Try picking a differnt place on your computer. I hit ok, and it reverts back to C:\users\myusername

2. If I click sync from OneDrive for Business on the web, and just accept the default location (c:\users\myname, NTFS) it appearst to work. But the folder shows up with an 'X' on it in windows explorer. If I view sync problems, the error says We're having problems syncing this folder. Try the sync now button. But the sync now option is disabled so I can't.

OneDrive for personal is working fine. It is only my work account. I have this exact same setting working fine in windows 8.1.

Any ideas?