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Doesn't matter if they make it legal or not.
The same unlawful ingrates are gonna run down to the corner store and rent a first run movie release for 99, rip it, bring it back, then go home and gloat that they have a copy of the latest movie, and wallow in their illegal satisfaction of watching it at their leisure!
Blimey 99 cents for a new release in a corner store!

In the UK, DVD rentals from stores have virtually disappeared from existence.

Also in UK, a lot of places who sell DVDs will not accept returns unless you prove DVD was faulty.

Of course, people would do it borrowing a DVD off a friend perhaps, but this is only a tiny percentage.

Restricting the majority of law abiding persons because of a few bad guys is silly isn't it.

After all, who in their right mind would restrict guns sales because a few bad guys might kill somebody !