Windows 10: Windows 10 apps or Store not working for some users

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    Windows 10 Version 1511 (OS Build 10586.318)
       28 May 2016 #51

    There is another option, which is set up her account as usual, come back to mine where the store is now corrupted, then create a 3rd account (gonna be my new one) and basically transfer all contents of my old account to the 3rd one, then rename the account's name to my old account's after I have moved over and deleted my old account from there. I got the idea from this link:

    Fix Windows Issues by Creating a New User Account

    The thing is, if I am still not happy, can the system restore take me back to my original account?
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  2.    28 May 2016 #52

    That might be a good plan. I should think a restore point will take you back. Better still is to take a system image, either via Windows or use macrium. An image takes a while depending on how much data but it's re assuring to have. Then you know that you'll be back exactly where you were.

    I dont know know if your situation is unique. I struggle to remember my first setup. We have 4 family accounts. Mine as head of household and admin, then 3 family standard accounts. From memory, logging into those after my initial setup did not corrupt my apps or store. But I have had big issues with native apps on the 3 standard accounts breaking subsequently. The pattern as far as I can tell, is I check for updates on my admin account, say one for photos is available. Then I click to update it. Photos completes the update, the app works fine for me and the other user accounts. However, on rare occasions the app update doesn't work as intended. Say I click to update it, then for some reason it gets stuck or fails. So I re-try it. It then completes. I launch the photos app in my user account, it works just fine. However on the other user accounts it may no longer work. So it's Russian roulette. As if the native apps and store tries to update for all user accounts in that one hit and it messes things up if the app update doesn't go smoothly first time. Third party apps such as Facebook do not suffer this because the app is specific to the user account it was installed on. If that makes sense. System restore always fixes this whereupon can re attempt the app updates in the hope that this time it will update first time. It's for this reason I do not allow automatic updates to happen as that way I can keep a close eye on things. I'd hate to think auto app updates happening on the fly in the background could be rendering native apps useless for the other users without me knowing. I would then not be able to count on system restore reliably as I wouldn't easily know when an app went wonky. It is an epic fail that there is no reliable way to repair native apps. That powershell command that I have seen many times cannot be relied upon either as it has unpredictable results and can make things much much worse.

    But whatever way we look at this the bottom line is the native apps process is seriously bugged and MS has screwed this right up. Its behaviour cannot be trusted. It's the primary reason I dislike Windows 10 and pine for the days of Windows 7. Every boot of Windows 10 breeds uncertainty as to what might happen. And every check for updates in the store brings dread, sitting in hope that MS has decided not to chuck a native app update down the pipe as I just cannot trust their OS. I get little spare time to use my PC as it is without having to waste time worrying and doing system restores.

    i had another laptop with Windows 10 but had such horrible issues with cortana, the store, logging into native apps (among other things). The issues were a bit different to the above so it's another story but it was enough to make me return the laptop to manufacturer for a refund and make my first ever foray into the world of macs.

    Deep down I will always prefer Windows but the Windows 10 experience and it's unpredictability and bugs has been hard to take. The MS accounts, native apps and it's attempt to no longer be a proper desktop OS instead acting as some horrible hybrid phone/tablet/desktop OS I'm sure at the root of it all. Maybe in a few years once it matures it might be much better but as a user I have no interest in beta testing or tolerating the early gremlins. Unfortunately there is no getting away from Windows 10, it's being forced in our faces pretty hard by MS and I guess before long certain software/games will no longer run on older Windows so 10 will became a necessity. We can only hope in time MS gets this right. Trouble is they seem hellbent on flooding change, features rather than addressing bugs - i'd rather a reliable OS over constant new builds with new features. More changes brings new bugs ontop of old old bugs that don't necessarily get addressed anytime soon. At the moment it's a stress inducing OS. I do want it to succeed and be a good OS, hopefully one day!

    anyway I got side tracked here into a big anti-Windows 10 grumble which I apologise for - sometimes just good to get it off your chest but I hope you find that solution alluded to way back at the start makes things more palatable. I'd be interested to hear how you get on.
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  3.    16 Jun 2016 #53

    davidhk said: View Post
    Use this tutorial:

    Do it on one computer first and use Step #2...To Reinstall and Re-Register All Windows Apps for Current Account Only
    If it works and no ill effects, then you can use Step #3 on all the computers.

    I hope it's okay to reply because I'm having a similar problem. My weeks new Lenovo with Windows 10 was working fine until today. I see from Notifications that there was an update last night. Perhaps that was the instigator or not. Anyway, now, my Windows store tile is a blank blue square. It won't load. Neither will groove music, or photos. Pictures app loads but it's a blank tile, too. Using the method you describe sounds risky. And Nov 15th (date of your post) was a relatively long time ago in computer world terms. Has anything changed - new patches, or whatnot? I bought this computer to replace my 7 year-old Lenovo with Vista - still running ok. Thanks so much for any help.
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  4.    18 Jun 2016 #54

    I did a bit more digging after reading this thread since last post was 3 weeks ago and while it doesn't appear it worked for me M$ has acknowledged the issue (70008) and has an online repair troubleshooter for those with and without multiple accounts too now.

    with multiple Accounts too ( I have a unused elevated Admin account ...just incase )

    It couldn't fix it 1st run for me so I rerun with the advance button checked (autofix) and it said it was fixed but not in my case it appears. 3rd run said there wasn't an issue.

    click on the this troubleshooter link under the pic.
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    Windows 10 Version 1511 (OS Build 10586.318)
       30 Jun 2016 #55

    @rterrel10, have you updated to Windows 10 Version 1511 (OS Build 10586.420)? It's currently the latest, should fix any issues. You can find out which version of Windows you are on by typing "winver" without quotation marks in the startmenu
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