Windows 10: Windows 10 - applications wont run not responding.

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  1.    10 Feb 2016 #1

    Windows 10 - applications wont run not responding.

    Hello i have an Windows 10 Pro. I have an problems with that windows . I dont know if it is hardware or software issue.
    Some of the applications randomly wont run. I mean i am clicking to open and nothing happens. I cant run task manager because he wont opening. I cant run event viewer because he wont opening. And all of rest applications randomly wont run. Sometimes logout and log again help and then some of the applications run. Games are stable and no crashes and playing games are fine.
    Problem is only with opening applications in Windows 10. I made clean install on a fresh formatted disk month ago.

    It can be still ram or hdd issue or just windows broke? But CrystalDiskInfo and HDTUNE showing disk is 100% ok and memtest86 no errors.

    4790k stock small temps
    2x8gb DDR3 Kingston Hyperx 1600mhz
    Corsair 750 RM
    Asus Sabertooth Z97 Mark 2
    SSD Samsung Evo 250 GB
    Asus Strix 980 Ti Oc.
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  2.    10 Feb 2016 #2

    Welcome to the forums, you could try running sfc /scannow( at least 3 times), if that doesn't help, use the second tutorial to repair with DISM command, if the results report "no errors were found", don't worry and just ignore them. Hope that helps.
    SFC Command - Run in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums
    DISM - Repair Windows 10 Image - Windows 10 Forums
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  3.    10 Feb 2016 #3

    If that doesn't help, you can then try a process of elimination looking for possible conflicts or effects of things you've installed.
    Try in turn
    1. Clean boot (search if unsure how)
    2. Clean boot and download and install Shellexview, free, hide all MS extensions, disable all others
    3. Safe Mode

    If none of this helps, do an in-place upgrade repair install (see Tutorials, above) and then if no symptoms, progressively reverse the above.
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  4.    10 Feb 2016 #4

    Everytime i properly restart system windows after next boot windows showing Automatiic repair and then again is restart. And event viewer showing that closing system was not properly.But windows was closed properly. I must format again? But this is a fresh install.

    My system is on stock. 4790k stock, 16gb DDR3 Kingston Hyperx 1600mhz

    Also somebody said to me that issue can be in bad overclock or SDD issue, but i dont oc my pc. Also games are stable.
    Also HDTUNE dont reporting BAD SECTORS and Smart is 100% GOOD. Memtest86 no errors.

    + second problem. Also sometimes applications not responding. I mean i am clicking to open and nothing happening.

    Its something with windows or my hardware SDD ?
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  5.    11 Feb 2016 #5

    Hi, suggest you try a cold boot... complete power down, disconnect power, hold & press power button, reconnect, start PC.

    If you still have a problem, boot from a Win 10 installation disk/device and try Startup Repair.
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  6.    11 Feb 2016 #6

    So its a problem with windows or my hardware?
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  7.    11 Feb 2016 #7

    Hi, we're now looking only at your automatic repair loop problem.
    Note: we don't know what you did before that... or whether it 'just happened' as before that you reported different symptoms and suggested some of the normal fixes. You've not said if you attempted any of those - it might help.

    Now, as to whether it's hardware or software, I don't know- you've very sensibly done some disk checks, which is great.

    What I suggest now is this:
    Please search the forum for 'automatic repair loop'.

    You will find many many threads. I suggest you look at those marked 'Solved' first and see if there's anything there that helps as this symptom has been reported many times. Perhaps 'The answer's out there'....:)
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  8.    11 Feb 2016 #8

    Hmm so it can be related to my memory if system get broken or it is only software issue? Also memtest86 dont showing errors.
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  9.    11 Feb 2016 #9

    It's impossible to tell definitively from yr info except clearly you've done some hardware checks. But it seems reasonably probable it's corruption in Windows of some sort given the number of such reports.

    Following my suggestion above read the whole of these threads (just examples):
    Windows 10 preparing automatic repair loop - Page 3 - Windows 10 Forums
    Solved Reboot Loop, cannot open Automatic Repair, can't run setup from USB - Windows 10 Forums

    I think you will get a feeling there may be more than one solution... no one size fits all necessarily.
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  10.    15 Feb 2016 #10

    So i was using my Windows 10 Pro fine. Then i decide ( no reason ) to test memtest86 from bootable USB. Then after 5 hours ( without errors memtest ) i stop test. Then after this i boot windows and windows just get broken. ( AND THEN : Everytime i properly restart system windows after next boot windows showing Automatiic repair and then again is restart. And event viewer showing that closing system was not properly.But windows was closed properly.
    Second issue.
    Some of the applications randomly wont run. I mean i am clicking to open and nothing happens )

    Is this only coincedence or not if it happens after memtest session?

    But i checked:

    Memtest86 - not showing errors
    HDTUNE - no errors, Smart 100% ok health.
    Cpu 4790k - good temps

    My disk is Samsung Evo SSD 250 GB, ram Kingston Hyperx 2x8gb 1600mhz

    I made topic because some peoples told me that corrupt data , can be caused by faulty memory(( What is yours opinions? But like i said i test memtest86 and hdtune and no errors.
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