I have a desktop computer I am using as a home theater PC to play movies on my HDTV via HDMI. I've got dual monitors, the HDTV is the secondary, the VGA PC monitor is the primary. I've got it set to login automatically the user account set up for the Kodi media player program. When started, Kodi opens full screen on the HDTV and I still have the VGA PC monitor available to do other work on the PC.

I would like to set Kodi to start automatically when the user account "Kodi" logs in, either by setting a task in task scheduler or adding it to proper "run" key in the registry. I have no problems doing that, I can get that to work.

The problem is, when Kodi starts with one of those methods, the focus does not automatically go to the Kodi program. I have to run Kodi in fullscreen windowed mode to allow the VGA PC monitor to remain available for other work. I have taskbar set to autohide. Since Kodi does not get the focus automatically when it starts, I am left with the taskbar sitting below it until I move the mouse pointer over to the HDTV screen and click in Kodi, then the task bar hides. Most of the time I never use the mouse to click in Kodi, I use a remote control app on my phone or tablet and this will not shift the focus to Kodi, so the dang taskbar stays there at the bottom.

I have a temporary workaround by using a program called KodiLauncher (or something like that), which starts with the Kodi account login and that program starts Kodi and then shifts the focus to it. But to minimize the time from boot to watching movies, I would like to bypass the third party launcher and just launch Kodi with the focus switched to it, but can't figure out the focus part of it.

Any suggestions are welcome!