I have a brand new MSI GT72 Dominator Pro G (GT72 6QE aka -034 model). I got it from XoticPC.com, and the only changes were to use IC Diamond thermal compound, to swap out the generic m.2 SSD for a Samsung 850 EVO, and to do a clean Windows 10 install (including drivers) so I wouldn't have to deal with bloatware.

The issue I'm running into is that some programs (Blizzard Battle.net client, Logitech Gaming Software for my G700, DropBox and LastPass for Applications) will randomly stop responding to mouse clicks. The programs seem to lose focus even when they're in front, and I can't interact with anything except to click on and "bring to front" the actual window. The "x" to close the window is greyed out, I can't click into chat boxes, it's like the program is frozen, except it doesn't show as "not responding" in task manager. I can't close the programs unless I kill them in Task Manager. The issues pre-date having anti-virus software (currently Avira and Malwarebytes), and were happening in the Battle.net client (first thing I installed) before any other software was added to the system. The problem occurred whether it was just the Synaptics Touchpad in use, or if I used a mouse (tried two different Logitech mice). Browsers seem fine (Chrome, Edge, Internet Explorer), as does World of Warcraft.

HD Tune Pro showed no issues with the SSD or HDD, Memtest86 and Windows Memory Diagnostic found nothing wrong with the RAM. I also used Valley Benchmark, and everything was perfect there.

Is this a Windows 10 bug? Anyone know what else to look at?