Since installing Windows 10 a few weeks ago, I've been trying to set it up to show mail notifications for incoming mail in the action center. The last thing I tried was to uninstall the mail app (using PowerShell), which included also uninstalling the calendar app. After reinstalling the mail app and calendar, still not getting mail notifications, big surprise. But, now have another problem. When I go to settings > system> notifications & actions; the option to turn off/on notifications for the calendar is gone, even though the calendar is installed. Any idea why it's not showing up in settings after the reinstall? The mail app is there, switched to "On," but still not receiving incoming mail notifications. In the mail app, notifications are set to "on." Not sure if there's anything else to try for the mail notifications, but would like to get the option back to turn on notifications for the calendar, as it did work before.