Windows 10: Windows keeps reverting my default apps to Windows default

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  1.    10 Jan 2016 #1

    Windows keeps reverting my default apps to Windows default

    After latest update, Windows keeps reverting my apps to default. For example, my default music app/program is Winamp, and after a while I'll just find that it is Groove music again. It is not a huge problem, but you see how it can be irritating. Also, Windows 10 won't recognize some of my usb devices. Mp3 player, and an USB hub. They work in Linux though, so it is not a computer issue.
    Does anyone have similar problems after latest update?
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  2.    11 Jan 2016 #2

    Hi, unexpected behaviour, and unwanted.
    Which is your latest update? My latest is 3133431. Not noticed any effect on associations.
    Build 10586 (1511) - November TH2 upgrade- changed associations back to MS default.

    Note that associations cannot be set from within a program (Win 8 on).

    Can you confirm
    a. your defaults were previously ok?
    b. your devices previously worked with Win 10?

    How have you tried changing your default associations - via Settings? via Control Panel? via Open with?

    Can you try setting an association via the Control Panel, Default Programs and then restart and check the result?
    (Control Panel: Windows key + X, click Control Panel)

    (similar reported here:
    File associations revert to Windows default apps on every boot - Windows 10 Forums)
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  3.    11 Jan 2016 #3

    I don't know that I have that exact problem however W10 does seem to have a mind of its own at times. After updates it does revert back to many default settings --such as putting the Cortana icon back in the taskbar, constantly reminding me to turn on Windows Firewall (after I've told it not to several times) and other similar things with apps, tiles and such.
    Very annoying.
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  4.    11 Jan 2016 #4

    Hi, noted you've not commented on the questions I asked- that would help please... :)
    Thanks for the additional info.
    Do you mean settings are reset on reboot? Your post seems to suggest it's random.
    Are you running as admin?

    A quick scan of this forum shows a number of similar questions not answered...
    a. you have a permissions problem of some sort, perhaps in the registry.
    b. some form of other corruption
    c. Permissions issues on your C: partition/drive
    (You may wish to check those).

    Until and unless someone suggests a specific answer based on having resolved this (and I've yet to find one) then I suggest:

    First, use disk imaging to create an image of your current system which you can always then fall back on. Routine use of disk imaging is strongly recommended to allow you to
    a. make a full backup
    b. restore your system to a known state in a defined time- even if your HDD fails.

    a. as a precursor to (b), run
    chkdsk C: /F from an elevated command prompt
    ( Win key + X, click Command prompt (admin) )
    b. Do an in-place upgrade repair install.
    Repair Install Windows 10 with an In-place Upgrade - Windows 10 Forums
    Not that this will keep everything, but
    a. disable system restore
    b. might lose the odd assocation
    c. might lose language settings
    d. might need you to configure your Wifi connection again.

    If problems with settings continue, try as an experiment disabling fast startup.

    You can also try resetting registry permissions using's repair tool, observing its careful stages, and selecting only the relevant repair.
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  5.    11 Jan 2016 #5

    dalchina said: View Post
    Hi, noted you've not commented on the questions I asked- that would help please... :)
    Thanks for the additional info.
    Do you mean settings are reset on reboot? Your post seems to suggest it's random.
    Are you running as admin?
    Mine seems to revert only after a reboot due to an update. (Update requiring a restart)

    The thing that is a royal PITA is that when the system settings revert back to defaults it changes the "reboot for updates" setting back to automatic vs. schedule & notify... So if I don't manually go in and check it after every boot/reboot the machine may go back to auto rebooting which means I'll lose whatever I have open AND the settings change.

    For example, if I power down my desktop and it was either waiting on a reboot, or it installs an update requiring a reboot at that time, then the settings go back to automatic reboots for updates --the "random" is from this. I'll sit back down at my desktop and the settings will be different which seems random. I then look and see that it was changed back to auto reboots, and the PC had rebooted itself.

    I am running as an admin. Not sure about branimiros.
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  6.    11 Jan 2016 #6

    Hi, essentially this would seem to be a permissions issue. That is, your changes are not being saved to the registry, thus on reboot, when the registry is reloaded, the old state is re-read.

    However, if you then say that a manual reboot does not have this effect (only a Window update related reboot does), then I have difficulty conceiving what is happening.

    I'm also somewhat puzzled- how frequent are the windows updates reboots are you seeing? These are few and far between in my experience. If you see these frequently, that points to another problem.

    Suggest you post the screenshots of the permissions on your C:

    If the effect of a manual reboot and an update related restart are different, a wild guess might suggest sthg to do with fast startup. Try turning it off. That is no more than a guess, but see this discussion, for example:
    Reboot after Windows Update vs Shutdown and restart - Windows 10 Forums
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  7.    11 Jan 2016 #7

    How do I screenshot my C: permissions?
    When I am logged in I am a member of "Administrators" only. (Computer management, Local Users and Groups, Users, Properties of my username)

    There is no change between myself and logging in as Administrator.

    Reboots happen once a week, maybe once every 10 days.
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  8.    12 Jan 2016 #8

    10userNYC said: View Post
    How do I screenshot my C: permissions?
    Launch explorer
    Rt click C:
    Scroll down, click Properties
    Click Security tab

    Make a screenshot for each of:
    Authenticated Users
    (and anything else if there is).

    How? E.g. by launching Cortana (win key + S) or in the search bar on the taskbar
    Type 'Snip'
    Launch the Snipping tool.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Snap 2016-01-12 at 08.41.14.jpg 
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Size:	35.1 KB 
ID:	58452

    I've not yet read of anyone experiencing the change in restart after windows update option you're experiencing.
    - gives a means of resetting Windows updates. Note: you would have to follow the rather long manual version at the end- so far, MS does not seem to be supporting its vaunted Win 10 with Fixits. Hmm.

    You might try just the Windows updates repair offered by this tool, selecting ONLY that repair.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Snap 2016-01-12 at 08.57.55.jpg 
Views:	27 
Size:	83.0 KB 
ID:	58453

    Note: securely back up your system ideally using disk imaging before attempting repairs.
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  9.    26 Jan 2016 #9

    The same problem for me. Do you use an old version of WinZip? I found that every time I launch this program, association for JPEG and others reverts to default.
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  10.    26 Jan 2016 #10

    That is one program that has been reported as having this effect. Updating it apparently solves the problem.
    It might be reasonable to think other programs could equally have such an effect.
    Elsewhere I have suggested using the free SUMO update checker to scan installed programs and update them where reasonable.

    (Use the version labelled Lite or 'nork' to avoid adware - 'Related Knowledge' - otherwise it's the most comprehensive update scanner around)
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