I have pro version and although you can set updates on apps to not install automatically I keep the auto setting on. Now all the apps seem to happily update in background but on occasions I note that ms core apps get stuck in the update process. For example in the past I have launched both calculator and photos app only to find it refuses to open. I then go into Windows store and check for updates. The offending app is always stuck in these instances. Either half downloaded or fully downloaded but not completing install. It's a real easy fix, just pause the download and then manually select to redownload or un pause it and it all goes through then just fine. I'll then launch the app and is all works perfect. Just put it down to the glitchiness of Windows. But tonight I just checked the updates again for interest and saw the 'get office' app stuck half downloaded. Another core ms app. Not that I need it as office 365 is already activated and installed. But it seems this happens with MS core apps too often. All the other apps such as Facebook , Twitter etc update fairly regularly and never see the issue. I guess I wondered if others notice the same? It's not a big thing as its a really easy quirk to rectify but it's a bit annoying