Upgraded two PCs to Win10 a short while ago. On both, I used to be able to do Google voice searches from Chrome. If I try that now, the page says "No Internet connection," which is laughably false since I nearly always have browser tabs open. Is Cortana perhaps a jealous sort?

I'm not talking about the "OK Google" yell -- I know that went away last year. I mean clicking the microphone icon on a New Tab page in Chrome. The screen says 'Speak now' as usual, but when offered a verbal query it changes to a message saying 'No Internet connection.' The microphone icon is not grayed out or circle-slashed, and the mic itself is working elsewhere.

That message doesn't even 'feel' like a regular Chrome message, which tend to be more conversational; so I'm wondering if there's some MS-vs-Google conflict manifesting. It does seem likely it's related to the upgrade, because I did several voice searches the night before starting, with no issues.

Chrome is up to date. Virus logs say clean. OS edition is Win10 Pro.

Grateful for any clues.